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Our company, China Marine Rubber(Qingdao) Industrial Co.,Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturer of harbor rubber fenders,marine fenders ,engineering rubber products and steel structure products in China, it locates at Jiaobei Industrial Zone of Jiaozhou city in Qingdao, with east access to the expressway, railway station ,seaport and airport. It enjoys pleasant climate and graceful environment. Our company covers an area of 60 thousand square meters with building area 22 thousand square meters, now it has 156 employees including 52 technicians.
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Our company China Marine Rubber specializes in producing the harbor rubber fender, marine fenders, engineering rubber products and etc. We continuously improve the workmanship to satisfy the market’s requirement. The company has the capacity of designing and processing upon customer’s requirement and providing technical consultation as well.


    CMR-A Super Cell Rubber Fender

    High E/R.H(energy absorption/reaction force. product height) Value: Compare with normal rubber fender, YGCH super cell rubber is more reasonable in the structure design.


    CMR-B Super Cone Fender

    The third generation product of cell fender with more reasonable structure with increased deflection, high energy absorption and longer service time; Better performance in angular compression which wi...


    CMR-DA Super Arch Rubber Fender

    CMR-DA fenders are new generation of V fenders , with 3-3.5%increased energy absorption. That is: Application of the CMR-DA super arch fender can reduce product height and save project cost. The follo...


    CMR-Y Cylindrical Fender

    Cylindrical fender is hollow rubber products, can be hanging on the dock with chains and iron bars, easy installation and maintenance.


    CMR-D Rubber Fender

    Suitable reaction force, with higher energy absorption than cylindrical rubber fenders


    CMR-P Pneumatic Fender

    Hight enery absorption, low reaction force and surface pressure;


    CMR-PF Foam Fender

    Sound Floating performance which can be positioned at ideal waterline.


    CMR-I Type Fender

    Features: Low reaction force and hight enery absorption; The fender can be combined into different types and sizes of fender system upon required performance; Optimum peiformance can be achieved at pe...


    CMR-C Tug Boat Fender

    CMR-C Tug Boat Fender is especially applicable for various port operation tugs.


    CMR-W Rubber Fender

    Large contact area and low surface pressure.

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More than 20 years, the group marketing network covers the whole country in various provinces, autonomous regions, and its business has spread to South-East Asia