BV Certificated Rubber Fender Dock Fender Port Fender Leg Fender 300H
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BV Certificated Rubber Fender Dock Fender Port Fender Leg Fender 300H

Leg fenders are high-performance modular rubber fenders with exquisite geometry, easy to install, little maintenance, and high performance and efficient energy absorption. Leg fenders have multiple installations and can meet the requirements of different docks. The combined installation could reduce the compression performance during angle berthing.

The leg rubber fenders can be installed vertically and/or horizontally, which is very suitable for confined spaces. It is used for small docks to large mooring structures. This fender can also be installed with UHMW-PE surface pads or steel plates. Compared with traditional arch fenders, it provides a cost-effective and high-performance solution in a limited area.

The height of the leg fenders we produced and provided ranges from 250 to 1,600 mm, and the standard length ranges from 500 to 2,000 mm. Other sizes are available on request. Boomarine is a professional supplier of marine fenders, providing leg fenders with larger rated compression and higher energy absorption.


More Details about Leg Fender

Leg Fender.pdf

· Easy maintenance

· Reduced hull pressure

· High energy absorption per fender weight

· Low-friction shield

· Pile Fender design may use single units

· Vertical and horizontal mounting, typically in pairs

· Simple, modular design

· Non-marking face

· Container & Bulk Terminals

· General Cargo Terminals

· Small RoRo terminals

· Navy

· Multi-user berths


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