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China Marine Rubber (Qingdao) Industrial Co.,Ltd (CMR) is a professional manufacturer of marine rubber fenders and engineering rubber products. And we are always at our client's side. We value being able to stay in close contact with our clients, with regular and direct communication.

We will communicate effectively with customers at all times of the project.
We assist our customers by providing project specifications to ensure reliable and economical port and terminal operations. With our years of experience and professional knowledge in rubber fender design, we have provided many effective services for customers all over the world.
Consulting services in the early stages of the project
When your project is in the early design stages, it is important to have an experienced partner. Our sales team and engineers have rich experience in rubber fender field. We provide detailed and extensive design support for engineering companies and terminals.
In Ordering phase
When you have placed an order, our sales team is still with you and provides you with drawings, delivery conditions and installation advice.


To make sure they can do their job, we designed Rubber Fender to look at the big picture and pay attention to every little detail. Details often determine the success or failure of the whole system, we do not give up every small place, from every bolt to provide customers with the best products and services

From the customer's point of view, we provide customized design services and effective design. CMR pursues the perfection of every work, starts from details, speaks with figures, and provides customers with the most suitable fender energy absorption reaction combination. The engineering process is complex, but only excellence creates real value. As an excellent fender manufacturer in China, we will provide customers with the best service.

We have the best engineers in fender production to create ideal solutions for our customers. We have proven ourselves in the Marine construction industry for a long time. All CMR products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with PIANC 2002.


CMR offers safe and high quality rubber fender systems, focusing on details during production to ensure the quality of their own production. We are not only strict about the manufacturing process, but we are also extremely strict about the selection of component suppliers to ensure that they provide reliable products.

We have extensive experience in producing high quality rubber fender in rubber fender factory. There are all kinds of molds, we can manufacture cone Fender, Cell Fender and Arch Fender etc. Extensive quality control of raw materials, manufacturing processes and final products is part of the daily operations of our manufacturing facilities. We have advanced fender test equipment.

CMR has its own rubber production line to ensure more control over the whole production process, which has a great influence on the quality of rubber Fender. In addition to that, we also have galvanizing workshop, which is very useful for the final rust prevention step in frontal panel production


  • Are you a Manufacturer?

    Yes, our factory covers the area 60,000 m2 including construction area 40,000 m2. We have successfully gained ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance system. We are certificated with SGS. All the CMR products conform to HG/T2866- -2003 and PIANC2002 standard requirement.
  • What is your delivery time?

    The delivery time is according to fender size and order quantity.
  • Do you have a professional design team?

    Yes, we have a very professional technical team. Our engineers provide fender types and dimensions according to your data and give you detailed drawings.
  • How can I get a quotation quickly?

    You only need to send your requirements drawings or data to us, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

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China Marine Rubber (Qingdao) Industrial Co.,Ltd (CMR) is a professional manufacturer of marine rubber fenders and engineering rubber products in China.




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