Design of weight chains for cell fender
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Design of weight chains for cell fender

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Design of weight chains for cell fender

Abstract: This paper describes design procedure of weight chains for cell fender. Such as selection and lay- out of weight chains, calculation method of tension on weight chains etc.

Keywords: rubber fender, frontal frame, weight chain, rubber flex chain, tension on weight chain

Cell type rubber fender system is mainly composed of cell type rubber fender body and anti-impact plate. The impact plate is mounted at the front end of the rubber fender Steel structure accessories, used to withstand the impact of the ship, and increase the contact area between the rubber fender and the ship to reduce the surface pressure of the rubber fender on the ship. Under normal conditions, the cell rubber fender itself can support the weight of the impact plate. However, when the weight of the anti-impact plate exceeds the allowable static load specified in table I, or when the rubber fender specification exceeds 2000H, a gravity chain shall be installed to ensure the normal operation of the rubber fender system, as shown in figure I.

Figure I

Layout of weight chains

Weight chain is generally arranged in the cell type rubber fender cylinder under the gravity of the impact plate, one end of the rubber fender is on both sides, one end of the chain is fixed on the impact plate, and the other end is fixed on the shore wall, as shown in Figure I

Weight chain tension calculation



W: The weight of the impact plate

Ks: shear elasticity coefficient of fender

Kf: Elastic coefficient of rubber spring chain

α: The Angle between rubber spring chain and Z axis

β: The Angle between the rubber spring chain and X-axis

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