How to extend the life of your Marine Rubber Fender
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How to extend the life of your Marine Rubber Fender

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Maintenance docks Marine Rubber Fender require varying degrees of shutdowns. And fast-paced loading and unloading docks do not allow long-term shutdowns for repairs. To properly resolve this pair of contradictions, we can start from the following aspects, let's take a look together.

Here is the content list:

l Seize the moment for repairs

l Develop a cleaning schedule with appropriate cycles

l Strengthen inspection and maintenance

Seize the moment for repairs

Seizing the gap between the barge and the berth and the timing of the ebb and flow of the tide, the Marine Rubber Fender was repaired at every turn. This method is suitable for small-scale, low-volume maintenance tasks. Generally, the maintenance team of the loading and unloading company will carry out the construction, which can't be limited by the outsourcing contract period, will not affect production, and can flexibly control the construction in batches and blocks. The company’s maintenance team cooperates with the spare parts workshop to process and arrange the installed spare parts and brackets on the shore first, and then install the Marine Rubber Fender in batches according to the gap time of the production ahead.

Develop a cleaning schedule with appropriate cycles

For Marine Rubber Fender maintenance tasks with a relatively heavy workload, complex construction, and long period, we need to formulate corresponding cleaning plans. Because this kind of project's production and installation process is combined, it takes a long time to vacate the berth of the wharf. Using this method, the company's planning and production scheduling department must go through careful research and arrangements, and according to the production capacity and production tasks of each terminal of the company, the overall coordination and balance will be carried out, and local production will be stopped at regular intervals.

Strengthen inspection and maintenance

The most basic measure of maintenance work is to pay attention to the usual inspection and maintenance. The implementation of this work is very important to reduce maintenance. Each wharf of the company should establish a special person responsibility system to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of marine rubber fenders in the area of responsibility. In this way, some small faults of marine rubber fenders can be found in time., and repaired immediately, to stop the development of Marine Rubber fenders and bollard damage. Small holes are not repaired, and big holes suffer. In the past, a large number of cone fenders were damaged and fell off, which has a lot to do with the failure to check and maintain in time. With the continuous improvement of the professional technology of the Marine Rubber Fender in the terminal, there will be a Marine Rubber Fender that is more suitable for the fast-paced loading and unloading production terminal in the Marine Rubber Fender market. Therefore, the problem of selection will continue. Similarly, regarding maintenance issues, with the change of the type of cone fender used in the wharf and the change of the management system of the enterprise, different maintenance and management methods must be adopted to continuously improve the maintenance quality and level of the marine rubber fender in the wharf.

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