Rubber Fender Marine Rubber Fender Roller Fender ZB-2400mm*800mm
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Rubber Fender Marine Rubber Fender Roller Fender ZB-2400mm*800mm

Roller fender is usually used to guide the ship to enter space-restricted areas. They are widely installed on the walls of dry docks and other restricted channels to help guide ships and prevent hull damage. It is also used to require lower energy capacity berth angles and lock ports.

Roller fender is also used to mount on a fixed axis supported by a special frame. It has a sliding shaft with a post latent wheel to absorb as large energy as possible. The roller fender has a fixed axis that makes it very suitable for the pier and the wall of the lock. The main characteristic of the marine roller fender is that when the ship is berthing, the fender can rotate with the ship’s displacement, and produce a certain deformation to absorb part of the impact energy of the ship. Roller fender is suitable for docks, locks, all kinds of restricted waterways, and protruding corners of docks.


More Details about Roller Fender

Roller Fender.pdf

· Easy maintenance

· Flexible

· Corrosion resistant

· Container & Bulk Terminals

· General Cargo Terminals

· Small RoRo terminals

· Navy

· Multi-user berths


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