The design of rubber fender - PIANC 2002
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The design of rubber fender - PIANC 2002

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The design of rubber fender- PIANC 2002

The design of fender systems is a complex process that requires consideration of many variables and can be used in many different ways, at different costs and with different degrees of reasonableness, to achieve similar purposes. Therefore, there is no design code that standardizes the design of fender systems worldwide, and most design procedures still rely on the experience of fender system design professionals. The most mainstream design code worldwide is the "Guidelines for the Design of FenderSystems: 2002 Report of Working Group 33- MARCOM, Appendix A," published by the International Chamber of Shipping (PIANC). Procedure to Determine and Report thePerformance of Marine Fenders", in addition to the British National Standards (BIS), Japanese National Standards (JIS), European Standards (EURO CODE), etc.

The first step is to collect information about ship, terminal, berthing and environmental factors, the second is to determine the maximum ship berthing kinetic energy, the third is to determine the fender elastomer, front structure and motion limiting device according to the characteristics of the terminal ship (there can be various options), and the last is to select the best solution from each option according to the design rationality and material installation cost.

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