Theoretical calculation of ship collision force
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Theoretical calculation of ship collision force

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Theoretical calculation of ship collision force

Abstract: Various specific methods of ship collision force are analyzed and calculated. The kinetic energy theory of ship collision force is further improved to meet the needs of engineering precision and reflect the actual ship collision force more accurately ‚ At the same time, the problems and suggestions that should be paid attention to in engineering design are also put forward.

Key words: Ship collision force, collision, pile foundation, effective kinetic energy

At present, there have been in-depth researches on the load transfer mechanism of pile foundation under vertical load and the pile-soil stress sharing ratio, but the researches on its bearing various horizontal loads are still in the primary stage. Horizontal load is the main control

This paper mainly studies the analysis and calculation of ship impact force, which can be reasonably applied to engineering calculation and meet the requirements of accuracy and simplicity. Ship collision problem is a complex problem, it involves many aspects, such as ship type, sailing speed, collision probability, impact Angle, channel depth, flow rate and tide change, pile stability and so on. However, no matter how complex the collision process is, it follows a law of motion -- the law of conservation of energy. That is, the kinetic energy of impact before impact is equal to the potential energy of hull deformation after impact plus the energy absorbed by the foundation. The calculation method of collision force of some ships introduced below is encirclement

Around some of the above requirements to carry out, select to improve some parts ‚ to achieve the purpose of reasonable application in engineering calculation, meet the requirements of accuracy and simplification.

Momentum formula, kinetic energy formula, vibration formula. Kinetic energy theory is more widely used in ship collision calculation. Taking the collision process between a ship and a pile-type anti-impact facility as an example, we use kinetic energy formula to calculate the more accurate collision force of a ship. The effective impact energy of ships is mainly absorbed by the deformation of berthing piles and rubber fenders in floating berthing structures around piles. The ship's effective impact energy E0 is


E0 is the effective impact energy, kN·m; M is ship mass, t; V is the normal speed of the ship when it docks, m/s; ρ is the effective kinetic energy coefficient, generally 0.7 ~ 0.8

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