How to Install a Rubber Fender
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How to Install a Rubber Fender

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Cell fender Installation Specifications

As a kind of rubber elastomer, fender is different from general engineering products. Its production method has its particularity, and the correct installation of rubber fenders can give full play to the value of the fenders. Otherwise, it is easy to leave hidden safety hazards and cause damage to the fender during installation and use.

Different from arch fenders, the Cone fender system should be used with frontal panels. The installation accessories include chains, connecting bolts, gaskets, embedded bolts, etc. The installation tools include wire ropes or hanging chains, shackles, hanging bolts, Canvas etc.

The installation precautions are as follows:

1. Install the fender to the Frontal panel:

During installation, the hoisting lugs of the anti-shock plate should face upward, and the lifting lugs are generally located on the top or back of the anti-shock plate, as shown in Figure 1 below:


Figure 1

2. Fender hoisting

After the fender and the frontal panel are assembled, the hoisting work begins. In order to protect the fender, the mooring position of the fender should be covered with canvas before hoisting. The schematic diagram is as follows


 Figure 2

3. Hoisting process

In order to prevent the fender from sagging under the weight of the frontal panel during hoisting, the center line of the fender should be raised at an angle of 3-5 degrees to the horizontal line, that is, the frontal panel should be inclined to the quay wall at a certain angle.


Figure 3

4. Chains

The chain is an important component of the fender system, including tensile chain, weight chain and shear chain, as shown in the figure below.

In the process of hoisting the fender, the chain needs to be installed. In order to prevent the fender from sagging due to the weight of the frontal panel, when installing the chain, the upper part of the frontal panel should be slightly inclined inward. Install the tension chain first, then the weight chain, and finally the shear chain.

During the chain installation process, the chain should be tightened. If the chain is too long, it can be adjusted by adjusting the tensioner or self-made shackle. If the chain is still too long, the corresponding chain ring can be reduced.


 Figure 4

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