What is rubber fender?
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What is rubber fender?

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What is rubber fender?

In modern shipping industry, in order to let the ship release the kinetic energy of the ship in a controlled way when berthing or making two ships alongside, so as to avoid the damage of the ship or the wharf, the marine fender system (fender system for short) is generally arranged on the wharf or the ship to achieve the orderly release of kinetic energy by the controlled compression process of the fender system.

The original fender devices are some general materials, such as wood, tires, etc. Modern fender system with the rapid development of the modern shipping industry in the latter part of the 20th century from the material and design are gradually specialized, and the emergence of intelligent fender system with docking impact monitoring function.

At present, the marine fender system industry generally uses a variety of materials to build the fender system, mainly rubber, foam, airbags, plastic, hydraulic cylinders and other elastomers as the energy-absorbing materials during the deformation process, if necessary, and then steel impact plates as the impact contact surface between the ship and the fender system and covered with polymer plastic materials to reduce friction, and then supplemented by chains or motion limiting devices to control the The range of motion of the fender system is then controlled by chains or motion limiting devices.

The type of rubber fender:

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